September 15th, 2011ΒΆ

Class number three. In the previous class each group created a shield (a crest displaying: strengths, challenges, technologies, and strategies). In this class we are (apparently) presenting them as well the status of the group meetings we held this week.

Professor is currently explaining how email is the devil and you need project websites instead. She’s pitching JIRA so I think either she’s a coke fiend of Jesper paid her off.

“Subversion is fine for this class, and gives you real world experience” (We’re using git)

Discussion about automation and unittest. We already have one click deploys, so that’s pretty awesome (thanks No unit tests yet, but we’ll get there (once I start writing view code). I started sphinx docs for this, so I might also put those on (with post-commit hook) for more epic automation. We now have a post-commit hook to deploy.

We’re being told to use design patterns. But not to design out application around one. I pray to god MTV counts, or Active Record. “You can go back and introduce a design pattern if it’s appropriate.” Apparently Active Record does count, because I just used it as an answer to question on if anyone has chosen a design pattern. She’s now suggesting the “mock” pattern, might use Michael Foord’s mock library, for some more epicness.

We [the team] need to come up with 4 metrics on which to evaluate each other.